A quality cabinet hinge is made from nickel plated, hardened steel and has a soft close mechanism built into the hinge. The hinge should also be adjustable six ways; in-out, up-down and left-right so the hinges can be adjusted when cabinet doors expand and contract during season changes.

6-way adjustable

The hinge should also be adjustable six ways; in-out, up-down and left-right so the hinges can be adjusted when cabinet doors expand and contract during season changes.

Glass door retainer clip

Soft plastic retainers hold glass

Complete assembly for easy installation

No more rattling glass when you close cabinet doors – these retainers feature interchangeable, soft rubber tips that push the glass securely against the frame.


Undermount, steel, soft-close drawer glides (also known as slides) should extend to provide full access to the entire drawer. Ball bearings and steel guides provide smooth operation and long wear. Mounted beneath the drawer box, the glides should be rated to support a heavy load, at least 90 pounds. Adjustable glides with a softclose (anti-slam) dampening system will be almost silent when opening and closing the drawer.


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  • Charleston
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