This would then reflect to the style, taste, color and mood of the owner. The design of the furniture in the kitchen would define and sets the direction in terms of the design in the whole room. With that, KITCHEN CABINETS DEAL understands the importance of rendering both the look and functionality of the kitchen. We are also taking good care about the quality of your furniture leading it to be made through high quality technology like different stages.

Every kind of wood would have its peculiarities of processing which would need to take into consideration in order to extend the use of the furniture. At KITCHEN CABINETS DEAL, we consider the following:

  • Wood is sanded until smooth and vacuumed.
  • Use specialised materials and tools for perfect wood color.
  • Toner to establish color uniformity.
  • Deep penetrating stain revealing its hidden beauty.
  • Hand-rubbed and wrapped and slowly air dried.
  • Wood sealer would be applied as for uniform protection.
  • Surfaces are hand-sanded for consistent and smooth surface.
  • Glaze to create color shades.
  • Color consistency examination along with additional touch up for checking color of the wood.
  • Final protective top coat applied therefore maximizing resistance to moisture, scuffing, fading and some household chemicals.

With such stages, there would be an assurance that the color and quality of furniture would make the kitchen cozy and the best for the owners.